February 11, 2014


Oh these boys. Most days I am SO tired from trying to just keep them alive (especially now that I'm pregnant) but they sure are fun. I wanted to do a little update on them as they are right now. This picture was from last Sunday after church (which is why their hair is messed up and Fritz is covered in snack residual, but at least we got one right?!)
- sings along to the "Spirit" soundtrack in the car (very quietly but I hear him!)
- loves to pretend that I'm Minnie Mouse and he's Mickey, or that he's a knight and I'm the princess or that I'm the queen and he's the king (you get the idea).
- is such a good helper. He's really starting to do a lot to help around the house; like washing windows, helping pick up toys, put things away, etc. It is so nice!
- crazy about Blue's Clues. He loves watching it but also loves playing Blue's Clues. He'll find anything to hide and then take my glasses and use them to find the clues. I love to see his imagination at work.
- he's still pretty timid in big groups and isn't terribly outgoing at first, but his preschool teacher mentioned to me the other day how far he's come socially. She said he has lots of friends and is really nice to the other kids (except that one time he got in a slap fight with a girl who was picking on him... but that's another story) .
- knows most of his letters and points them out all the time with the phonetic sounds. He can also spell his name and loves to do it.
- will not attempt to draw but loves to ask me to draw things for him. He loves to make "pictures" but mostly just scribbles one line and displays it. He is very uninterested in coloring at school as well. :)
- still LOVES to be cuddled and complimented. The other day, he came into our room super early and so he climbed into bed with me and I tickled his back and his face while I told him all the reasons why I love him. He was starry-eyed and I was mom butter.
- loves to talk about what to name his baby sister. The other day he told me that he wanted to name her "Elsa" (a couple of weeks after we saw Frozen - coincidence? I think not.)

- has officially reached the "temper tantrum" stage (hence the tiredness I mentioned above).
- has a really fun personality. Wherever he goes, he makes friends. He's very friendly and will go to almost anyone though he does have some separation anxiety at this age.
- loves Nursery at church. He runs right in and never looks back. His favorite things are the play-doh and snacks (no surprise there).
- still has a hefty appetite though I feel like he's getting more opinionated about what he eats now.
- LOVES to read books.
- has this new thing where he shakes his finger and says, "Wait wait wait wait wait..." and then when we are quiet, he will communicate his thought (i.e. "dog!"). It makes me laugh every time.
- asks me for a "nack" about 30 times a day and loves to lead me by the hand to the pantry to point out which snack he wants.
- is very interested in music (listening and playing) and dancing. He goes to the piano almost daily and plays a little ditty and sings loudly. Whenever I put music on (which is to do almost any chore) he immediately starts dancing. It is really cute.


  1. Oh I love it, Wyatt and William are so much alike, same with Fritz and Luke. We miss playing with you guys.

  2. Liz, I love it when you post about the boys and how they are growing up. Although it makes me sad that I can't see them, at least I can visualise it all. Love you!


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