January 13, 2014

mountain air is good for the soul

We spent the weekend up at my family cabin in Pinetop with our friends and it was a ton of fun - as I expected it would be with these wonderful people! I love my friends. Lela and Stephanie's families both drove over from San Diego and Stephanie's sister, Ashley, and her family came too. They live in our area and are newer friends and I love them!

The Boyds came a day early and Lela and I planned all the meals and went shopping... which is a lot more fun with a good friend. We were all kind of ninjas when it came to making all that food. We ate very well! After driving up to the cabin on Friday morning, we got settled in and then took a little walk down the street and found a tiny patch of snow.
babies on dad's shoulders - nothing cuter!
Lela and Sean's kids had never seen snow before so this was a huge deal. Even just the tiniest bit of snow was so exciting! Will got to make his very first snow ball and Fritz even got into the snow fight by throwing a bit at his friend, Indy. Ha!

The kids were all hoping for a ton of snow to play in but it's been a very warm January and almost all the snow melted. It was a bummer but we did drive up to the ski resort (which is about 30 minutes away) and found a hill with some icy snow on it. The kids (and adults) loved to sled down the little patches of snow! I was pleasantly surprised at how fearless William was! His lightweight little body really got going fast and he was thrilled. He told us in the car on the way back to the cabin that he loved it and had a great time.
this little chubby face... I wish I could keep those cheeks forever!

the Baker's (minus their baby)
Indy and Fritz - two babies on rocks. 
I caught these pictures in sequence of William teasing Fritz by putting the tiniest bit of snow on his head. I guess it's because of William's mischievous face (and laugh) and Fritz look of annoyance, but they make me laugh.
I wish we had taken more pictures of the adults - such is life when you're a parent! - but many good memories were made. It was so fun and cozy to sit around a roaring fire in our pajamas, a cup of hot cocoa and talk or play games.


  1. There's absolutely nothing like mountain air. Makes me feel closer to God. :)

    ~ Country Girl's Daybook
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  2. Liz, do you use your IG acct much? Been looking for you but I don't see any posts!

  3. Liz do you use your IG acct much? Been looking for you but not seeing any posts!


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