January 20, 2014

mom's guest bedroom makeover

While we've been living in my parents' house, my mom and I have been planning some simple changes to her guest bedroom (formerly known as the "teenage boy room"). They haven't touched this room since they moved in (over 15 years ago) and it has some unpleasant things about it... namely a certain scent that only teenage boys seem to produce. The walls were a dark, forest green with wood crown moldings and wood stain bead board. The carpet also needs to be replaced and the furniture was very masculine and rustic... not really what my mom was wanting in there now. Here's how it looked before.
I was really excited to start helping plan the bedroom changes because I love a good project, but then I got pregnant and only wanted to lay on the couch for the next several weeks before my parents moved to England. All the excitement and planning drifted away until my nephew, Ben, and his wife, Jamie, asked if they could move into that spare bedroom. I made my mom this room board with some basics to get us started before she moved and decided to just start working on the bones while they're gone.
Once we nailed down the details of them moving in, Jamie and I started having a great time picking out paint colors (my mom has some fabric she wants to use for a duvet cover when she gets home and liked Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage color) so we went with a blue/gray/green theme along with some touches of glass and linen. Jamie already had some things from her house though so she incorporated her own touches of modern/hip vibe. I think the paint color works with her stuff and will work with my mom's things when Ben and Jamie move out.
They're moving in this week and I'm excited to see how it all looks with the furniture in there! I also painted the nightstands a dove gray and they turned out really pretty. I'll post the finished results later, but doesn't the paint just make such a difference? I didn't edit these pictures so it looks a little dark in the one on the left but it is such a pretty color - I really like it!


  1. Looks beautiful! I love the green color.
    ~ Country Girl's Daybook recently posted: Rest in peace, Anna. http://bit.ly/1jbOPj0

  2. I think that is a great color! Amazing what some paint can do to a room!

  3. I think the room looks wonderful with the fresh coat of paint! It looked great before, but so refreshing now :) BJ

  4. I used Silver Sage in my kitchen and I love how it looks different when the natural light changes. It is very versatile color.

  5. I love Silver Sage. I used that color when I remodeled my kitchen. The natural light changes how the color looks throughout the day.

  6. Can you share how or where you make the room boards? Thanks!


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