December 2, 2013

off to london

Before I blog about Thanksgiving, my parents left on their mission to England on Saturday. It has been weird and sad to not have them here any more. We have been living with them since we moved here from San Diego, knowing that they were going to be gone for a year on an LDS mission. Most of my siblings are planning a trip to London to visit them but we probably will not get the chance to go (you know, since we already went to Europe this year). It makes me sad to know that I won't see them for that long but I know how excited they are to be serving in England. I am really grateful for my parents. Living with them as a mom has really made me appreciate them even more. My mom has been so helpful and they have babysat for us at least once a week. She has watched my kids while I cooked dinner, cleaned up their toys, read them books, taken them on walks and taught them many valuable lessons. David and I are both so grateful to them for giving us the opportunity to live in their house while they are gone. We feel really blessed and we'll miss them a lot. Poor Fritz (who often chooses my mom over me) has been wandering in her bedroom looking for her. He loves GrandMary!

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  1. Poor Fritzee!! I can just see this bewildered look on his face. "Where is my GrandMary!?!?!" Wishing safe travels and prayers of love and support to your wonderful parents! XOXO


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