November 26, 2013

four going on fourteen

Here are a couple of great pictures of William from last week. I love him and how big he is looking lately (especially the one in the beanie). His preschool made these cute American Indian costumes while learning about Thanksgiving. Their costumes are awesome - pottery bead necklaces, beautiful feather headdresses, and even a pottery bowl that he formed and painted himself (with help of course). They also gave him the name "Chief Thunder" but when I asked him about it, he corrected me and said, "No Mom. It's Cheese Bolt." Well, OK. Ha!
The other day, my mom was going through her clothes and deciding what to take with her to England. She was going through the hats and I was helping her decide which ones to take. William put on this beanie and looked so old and tall that I had to take a picture. Then when he made this face like, "Ahhh, Mooooommmm..." well, it was priceless. He's such a handsome boy.

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