November 6, 2013

bread thieves

Last night I made some homemade wheat bread right before bed time. My boys love bread (they get that from me) and they always are begging for a piece (after piece, after piece). Anyway, after we put the boys to bed David and I went out to see Captain Phillips. My mom and dad were staying home last night so we left the boys here thinking that it would be an easy job for them since our boys were "already asleep". Ha! The movie was very good and David and I enjoyed spending some time together. When we got home I asked my mom how the boys had been. She laughed and said that they had been kind of naughty. Apparently, soon after we left, William had turned on the light in their bedroom and the boys were playing. She went in to turn out the light and put them back to sleep, but William wanted to play. So being a nice grandma, she let him come out and play for a few minutes. Somehow he got into the bread and took the entire loaf into the bedroom and shared it with Fritz. A few minutes later my mom went into the bedroom and found Fritz asleep with half an eaten loaf of bread in his arms. This is so funny to me. I love them... Even if they are naughty.

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