October 28, 2013

on the fritz: 18 months

I missed posting Fritz's 18 month update but we're still in his 18th month so it's all good! :) My baby has grown up so much lately! It's funny because at his doctor check-up, the pediatrician asked me if Fritz was saying at least ten words and I had to count out each one I had heard him say because he really wasn't talking very much. Then, seriously, the next day his vocabulary exploded. It's like he heard the hesitation in my voice and decided to prove me wrong. Ha! He is talking like crazy now (which, of course, most of which only I can understand) and is experimenting saying just about every new word he hears. He is really learning his manners too. Sign language has helped a little bit (he especially likes the "more" sign which might be because it's fun but also because he ALWAYS wants more food).
At 18 months, Fritz: 
- eats like a teenage boy. A typical morning includes: two bowls of steel cut oats, two scrambled eggs, toast and a banana. Two hours later, he is STARVING. I am terrified for when he is a bona fide teenager.
- has had a stye in his eye for the last three weeks. I took him to the doctor because I wasn't sure if it was something worse but he assured me that a warm compress for 10 minutes at a time and a few weeks would heal it. Have you ever tried putting a warm compress on a baby's face? Yeah right. Any tips are appreciated!
- his love for dogs is strong and everlasting. Any time there is a dog within 30 feet of us, he goes bananas. I really am going to have to get my boys a dog someday. If not for them, for my 12-year-old self...
- loves to play "Peek-A-Boo" any chance he gets. Is there anything cuter than a baby who tries to play peek-a-boo by putting his chubby hands on his face, only covering a sliver of his eyes? I say there is not.
- happily in the Nursery at church (hallelujah!). I was worried that he would be sad and cry, but he loves it. It also helps that his Nursery leader is awesome!

18-Month Stats (for my records):
WEIGHT: 26.5 pounds (60%)
HEIGHT: 34 inches (90%)
HEAD: 19 inches (70%)


  1. "Lay off me I'm starving!!!!" LOL. We need to get farms so we can have enough food for our boys during teenage years. I'm scuuuuurd! Happy 18 months Fritzeepooh!

  2. Love your blog! How about getting a black cotton sock or dark fabric to use for a compress for Fritz's eye. Tell him it is a pirate eye patch and wrap it on with a stretch bandage. Styes really do heal quickly a day or two of warm compresses for 10 minutes 3 or 4 times a day and it will be done. Now about that feeding teenage boys...we managed to keep five alive. Lots of potatoes, rice, and whole wheat bread. I learned to cook in very big batches and to cook two for one meals--when I made rice for a meal, I made double what I needed, so the next day I could make fried rice. (Since I use brown rice which takes longer to cook.) Potatoes are great baked in the crockpot top with chili etc the first night. The second night fry up with veggies and meat for a filling and quick dinner. You will do just fine and your lucky boys will get to eat much more gourmet than mine :) Love your recipes!

  3. Get a dark cotton sock or piece of fabric and strap it on Fritz with an elastic bandage. Tell him it is a pirate eye patch. Styes really do heal quickly--1 or 2 days of 3 or 4 ten minute compresses and it will be all cleared up. As for the starving teenagers, we managed to keep five boys alive, and you will do just fine. The ate a lot of rice, potatoes, and whole wheat bread, plus I learned to do a lot of two for one cooking. If I was using rice for a dish, I would cook twice the amount to use for fried rice the next day. (As I like to use only brown rice and it takes a while to cook.) Baked potatoes are great in the crock pot--first night top with chili, next night fry up with veggies and some meat or beans. Your boys will eat much more gourmet than mine :) Love your great recipes!


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