October 29, 2013

cookies with grandma Indy

When we were in San Diego a couple of weeks ago, we stopped to visit David's family for a couple of days on our way back home. My boys LOVE being at Grandma "Indy" (her real name is "Cindy") and Grandpa Bob's house. William and Fritz always get a lot of love and good, quality time at David's parents' house. David's mom is a school teacher and is a master of fun, educational activities. William always knows that he's going to have stories read to him for hours, projects to do, new toys to play with and plenty of attention while he makes silly jokes. Fritz adores playing in their backyard, exploring the turtle habitat and taking long drives out to the farms to see the sheep and cows.
While we were there, David's mom made a bunch of sugar cookies with the boys. William had a grand time being taught how to carefully press down on the cookie cutter and pat the flour off the bottom of the cookie. My mother-in-law is very detail-oriented and precise but she's also very patient... even when Fritz rolled the rolling pin just a little too firmly. :)
I'm so glad to have married into such a loving family! I hope my boys realize how lucky they are to have so much love from their grandparents, aunts and uncles.

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  1. Maybe it's the fact that I had a stressful day filled with permanent marker on everything... but this made me want cookies. Like now. If only I had energy to bake them.

    I love that they call her Grandma Indy. I mean, obviously :)

    ...and I like stripes.


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