August 26, 2013

ranch with friends

We spent most of last week with our friends at the ranch. It was so much fun! The ranch is truly every little boy's (and big boy's) dream. Here are a few highlights of the trip:
- Fritz begged to wear these cowboy clothes. Every day he would bring someone this yellow scarf and his boots and look at himself in the mirror and smile. Is he adorable or what?!
He also loved Zane.
The garden was FULL of giant zucchinis. We had zucchini for days! We took a bunch of put them in this old tree to use for target practice. Then we shot them with Sean's glock. 
I do not have the greatest aim with a handgun but it's still fun.
beautiful Lela showed us all up - that girl has skills!
I used the leftover zucchinis to make zucchini bread, which Will called "bikini bread" and it made me laugh.

There was lots of talking and laughing and baby shower planning with Lela and newly pregnant, Stephanie, on the porch swings. And later the husbands too. I have beautiful, awesome, funny friends. 

There were dance parties on the front porch.
Fritz was content to swat flies and sit on Sean's guitar case.
Friday night we had a fire up on Campfire Hill and roasted dogs and s'mores to our heart's content.
Sean chopped wood.
David and Parker built a fire.
Indy found Fritz's dirt pit.
And Fritz was like, "What!?"
All the boys were filthy afterward but especially this boy!
William stood a little too close to the flame and singed off his bangs and eyelashes.
Will and Brenner played in the tree house while we got the campfire ready. Brenner also built William about a dozen forts in the bunk room. He is a nice friend.
Other highlights:
- Laughing about accidental cards during a game of Boxers or Briefs
- Fritz vacuuming his ice cream cone at Dairy Queen.
- Shooting roman candles with David after putting the kids to bed (and maybe I said some Harry Potter spells under my breath). 
- Taking Will on lots of quad rides and hearing him yell, "yippee-i-ay-i-ya, yippee-i-o" from the top of his lungs.
- Falling off the swing in the barn and hitting my head really hard (not really a highlight - more of an embarrassing and slightly painful event). 

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  1. My boys are still reminiscing about "the BESTEST trip ever." Thank you so much for taking us to that beautiful-magical place! Love you to the moon Lizzy Lou!

    ...creepy Santa.


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