August 8, 2013

bluewater days: part three

The last night at the ranch is always the big finale of a campfire on the hill with roasting marshmallows and singing out of the Nielson Heritage Family Songbook before our fireworks show. This year was particularly beautiful because we went up the hill early enough to watch the sunset. It had rained earlier and there was a rainbow on the horizon. Magical.
doesn't William looked thrilled?
My brother-in-law, Jay, always brings his guitar and accompanies us. Doesn't this picture remind you of this scene from Three Amigos? Ha!
My adorable nieces, Madalyn, Perry and Molly.
Fritz was a wild man. He found a little dirt hole, plopped himself in it and flung dirt all over himself like a baby elephant. You guys - he is so cute (albeit a major handful)!
GrandMary had some little wooden snakes that she let the boys paint and William hasn't let go of it since. He even put it in his boots and walked around saying, "There's a snake in my boot!" I got a big kick out of my little Woody cowboy! Maybe he'll switch his name from Charlie Brown after all...
My nephew, Cal, had a great idea to stuff the chocolate inside the marshmallow before putting it on the roasting stick. There's nothing worse than a hard piece of chocolate in a s'more (that's why I usually spread on Nutella). I tried it and it worked!
After the bonfire, I put Fritz to bed and we all went to the front porch to watch the fireworks show that David and a couple of the other men put on. The kids liked the sparklers that we brought until someone showed up with some roman candles. All the teenagers were crazy about shooting those off and pretending they were wands. I heard so many "expelliarmus" spells that I almost burst with pride. I love my family!

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