August 7, 2013

bluewater days 2013: part two

David arrived on Friday night. I texted him before he got there and told him that all I wanted to do was take a long romantic quad ride with him up into the canyon. Thankfully, he obliged and it was great. I really love holding onto him and laying my head on his back and surveying the land. Do you remember how David proposed in the barn at the ranch? Well, we went back to that spot and my mom took some cheesy pictures of us, exactly seven years later.
David took Fritz out to see the horses again while I made lunch and when he came back he looked so adorable in his little hat.
Then David handed him off to me while he went to the restroom and as soon as he put Fritz in my arms, he laid on my shoulder and went to sleep. It was very sweet and I loved this little snuggle treat since he never stops moving and rarely lets me snuggle him for more than a few minutes. All the ranch excitement and playing tuckered him out.
Friday night was the family talent show. Every year my niece, Perry (who's leaving for India for the rest of the summer!), organizes all the cousins to perform whatever talent they want to do and there's always a funny little skit that they all do together.
Perry's the cutest.
Christian performed a funny little number courtesy of the electric keyboard's programmed "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".
And Stephanie showed off a new masterpiece of Sarah's. She has crazy awesome quilting skills! I can never choose which one is my favorite but I've been so lucky to have received three (here's 2 and 3) from her!
Fritz loved the cousin's performance so much that he went up on "stage" to give them an exuberant encore.
And William thoroughly enjoyed it as well. I took a bunch of pictures of his face because I was so entertained at my stoic little boy's happy facial expressions.


  1. I love everything about this! You and David (man we miss you guys), a cuddly Fritz and smiling Will, that QUILT--Holy cow it's awesome! ...and your new design rocks, per usual. Love the link tabs! Why you gotta be so talented?!?!

  2. How come you have TRHEE of Sarah's quilts and I have exactly ZERO. Jealous! :)


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