August 28, 2013

back to school: preschool 2013

William started his second semester of preschool yesterday. He's going to the same cute little school that he went to last semester and he loves it. All day long, he kept asking, "Is it time to go to pretty school yet?" :) I should probably correct him, but it's so cute. He'll be gone three afternoons a week (12-2:30) and I think it'll be good for him to have time away from home, learn new things, socialize with other kids and learn to follow directions. I know he'll love it and that makes me love it too!
Oh boy, do I love him!

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  1. Love his outfit! Back to school is magical. MAGICAL! My kids love it. I love it. It means fall is around the corner. Back to school smells like crayola and Cinnamon and leaves falling and new shoes and all things good! Cant wait!


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