August 29, 2013

30 Before 30

Today is my 29th birthday. Here I am, entering my last year of my twenties and I'm OK with that. I've learned a lot in my twenties and have grown a lot. I'm excited to finish this last year up with some accomplishments! I've always said that I'm going to do a "30 Before 30" list to help keep myself accountable before I start this new decade of my life. So, here goes!
1. Participate in a bona fide race.
2. Have new family pictures taken. (here)
3. Practice the piano at least once a week.
4. Sew new Christmas stockings.
5. Read the Book of Mormon.
6. Learn to play the guitar (at least somewhat proficiently).
7. Organize my computer files.
8. Visit Mom and Dad in England.
9. Teach a cooking class.
10. Find and frame some religious art (Jesus, Family Proclamation, temple).
11. Have a "real" spa day.
12. Learn to do a cartwheel (I know... I'm pathetic.)
13. Go apple/pumpkin picking.
14. Drink more water.
15. Read at least 5 classics that I haven't read before.
16. See Jim Gaffigan or Brian Reagan in concert.
17. Learn how to braid my own hair.
18. Save for a trip to the Philippines.
19. Create and maintain a chore chart.
20. Find at least 3 fun things to do in Phoenix that don't involve food.
21. Take William to Disneyland.
22. Go (fly) fishing with David. (here)
23. Girls trip!
24. Eliminate sugar for at least a month.
25. Make a quilt.
26. Get to approximately 20% body fat.
27. Experiment with watercolors.
28. Attend the temple at least once a month.
29. Start painting again.
30. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator.


  1. Happy Birthday, gorgeous!
    I hope all of your dreams (and 30-before-30 list items) will come true!
    Enjoy being a 29-old (young) mother and wife (-:

    Have a happy new year!
    Sending best wishes across the miles (from The Netherlands)!

  2. fantabulous ....enjoy the journey of accomplishing what you dream!

  3. Happy Birthday Elizabeth! I hope you have a great day and that all your family spoils you on your day!
    Regards from Barcelona.

  4. Happy Birthday Liz!! Enjoy your day.

  5. Happy Birthday! Looking forward to all 30 of those blog posts as they start to come true. I hope you have a wonderful day :)

  6. That's the best 30 things list ever! Can I be there for Disneyland and girls trip?!? Happy Birthday Love!! Love your guts!!!!!!!

  7. That's a great list; happy birthday! Life only gets better.

  8. Golden birthday, 29 on the 29th! I hope you're having a party. I love reading your blog and recently used your guide to San Diego- we had a fabulous trip! Con Pane is now living in my dreams. Thanks for sharing!

  9. HaPpY BiRtHdAy WiShEs from the mitten!

  10. If you want to pick apples and pumpkins, go to Willcox, AZ. Apple Annie's is my favorite. They have apple, pear, and peach orchards open right now, and starting in October they will have pumpkins and a corn maze. Plus, it is usually 10-15 degrees cooler there than in the Phoenix or Tucson areas.

  11. I just turned 30 last week and i like it so far, i feel all grown up finally. :-) PS: I love your skirt!


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