July 22, 2013

cooking with kids

My ward does a summer co-op (or play group) every week. Each mother takes a turn planning that week's activity. Usually we go to a splash pad or swimming pool but I decided to do something different and teach a cooking with kids class.
First, I made these paper chef hats using this tutorial (he since added this weird techno music to the background which is super obnoxious). It was really easy and the kids thought they were pretty cool. My friend, Brittany, even said her son wore his the rest of the afternoon. That made my aching hands happy.
I didn't want to make anything involving actual cooking on a stove or cutting since several of the children were too young. Instead we made some garlic herb pinwheels and snickerdoodles. The kids loved to roll the cookie dough in the cinnamon sugar. I even wore my chef coat for the occasion. :)
Fritz didn't help much but he did destroy his peanut butter sandwich.
why does he look like a teenager!?
It was really fun and I keep thinking I want to teach a cooking class but it's so much work! Maybe someday when my life isn't so crazy... haha!


  1. this is awesome! can you share details on how you had the kids help? I do a monthly mommy & me book club with my mom's group (we read a book and then do a craft or activity based on the theme of the book) and my theme for September is cooking. Since most of our kiddos are in the 2-3 age range, I'm a bit stumped on what we can make. Any tips?

  2. Ha ha! Love these pictures! Will was layin next to me as I scrolled through this and said, "oh mom, I like that picture!" It was so yummy and fun!

  3. That's some genius playgroup fun right there.

    PS. You look hot in a chef coat.


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