June 3, 2013

irrigation swimming

If you grew up in the Phoenix valley, you most certainly know about irrigation. I have many fond memories of our big backyard filled with water and running across the lawn as the shallow water kicked up with each step I took. It was great fun. This weekend, William experienced that joy with his cousins when the irrigation came in. Wearing only a Davy Crockett hat, pajama top and boxer briefs, he was in some kind of heaven with Nicholas and Oliver as they pretended to fight bad guys and lay in the nasty irrigation sludge. Needless to say, he majorly needed a bath after this but I'm glad he had fun. He's loving playing with his cousins and any time they're not around, he says "Where's my friends? Can I play with the big boys?"
Congrats to "Kirs:)" for winning the Vine.com giveaway! Please e-mail me at elizabethabryant@gmail.com so I can get you the gift card!


  1. I love that William is a borderline nudist. He's always in underwear or less roaming the backyard...I'm sure if I lived in Phoenix I'd be a nudist too :)

  2. Coon hat a very important accesory for running through irrigation water:) So cute,love the smile on his face!

  3. Fun times! My sister and I used to have a blast on our irrigation days! We lived over on North Hunt before the ditches all went underground. It was fun until I got old enough that my Dad signed us up for times that coincided with my arrival home from Kino or Westwood. Then it was work and the pressure to not miss our time slot was awful! I guess I needed the coon skin hat!


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