May 31, 2013

on the fritz: 14 months

Oh, my sweet baby Frederick. I love this boy so much. He is so easy going that sometimes I forget that he's a baby (that also might be because he acts like he's a big boy most of the time). He is 14 months old and I want to do a little update on him.
- I weighed him other day on my scale at home and it said 24 pounds. I wouldn't be surprised if that was accurate because he is a TANK! He eats like a full-grown man and is really solid. There's no squishiness to this kid. He's pure muscle.

- He loves to dance. Any time there's music playing, you can bet that Fritzy will be shaking his hips back and forth with a big grin on his face. It's the cutest thing.

- No real talking yet but he's attempted to say things a few times. I'm going to count his first word as "nana" though because he was reaching for a banana the other day and said it. He's said "mama" a few times but I think it was just baby gabber.

- Wrestling with William is his favorite past-time. At least three times a day, he will tackle William to the ground and wrestle with him until one of them gets hurt. He also enjoys wrestling me any time I am on ground level (which means I can basically never get in a single crunch while he's awake).

- He sure loves his thumb. I always know when he's tired or not feeling well because he'll have his right thumb in his mouth and his left hand gently twisting his hair. For a baby who's constantly moving, it's so sweet to see him placidly sucking his thumb and looking at me with his big eyes. Will wasn't a thumb sucker though so I'm not looking forward to breaking him of that habit someday.

- He recently started to love reading books. I think he's finally at the stage where he'll sit long enough to read a few stories, which is a huge milestone that I'm happy we've reached. His favorite books right now are Peek-A Who? and Goodnight Moon. Every night before bed, he insists on at least two books while he drinks his sippy cup of milk. It's a great routine that I love to do with my boys.

- The "no fear" thing is still intact. He loves to climb on step stools, open the door to the backyard, run to the edge of the sidewalk before the big drop off and crawl over everything (and everyone).

- He smiles his happy, wonderful smile on the time. Smiling's his favorite and his smile is my favorite so it's a win-win. He has David's same happy smile that I love so much. The smile that just tells you that he's a pleasant, cheerful soul.

- The funniest/saddest thing Fritz does is when he's crying or mad. He stomps his feet and does a Hokey Pokey dance. I can't really explain it but I can't help but laugh a little when he does it. Maybe I'll get it on video some day.

We love you so very much Freddie boy! You make us incredibly happy with your cheerful personality. It brings a wonderful bright spot to our family every day.


  1. I love Fritzy's smile too! He wins best smile for sure :)

  2. Yeah, the temper-tantrum dances are pretty funny and make it hard to keep a straight face. :)

    He is stinkin' cute!

  3. A while back I remember you blogging about foods that most kids like. Something about simple foods, that they always like. I've been trying to find it in your blog, but haven't. Do you know what post I'm talking about? My little boy isn't eating very well these days, and I wanted to see what was on that blog post, so I can try it if I havent already. Thanks ;)


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