May 28, 2013

memorial day in ventura

This weekend we drove to California (like most of the rest of Arizona) and visited our friends, Eric and Megan, in Ventura. I have a lot to write but it's late and I'm tired from the long drive back. Basically, we kept it low-key which is the best kind of vacation in California. We went to Santa Monica one of the days, walked along the promenade and the pier. It was a beautiful day and apparently tons of other people had the same idea.
Then we told Will that he could ride a couple of rides on the pier. He chose the boats and was really excited to get on the ride. We buckled him in and he was feeling fine but before it started, he began to look a little unsure.
After he had been around once, I snapped this picture of him and David and I died laughing (when he was out of sight, of course). We felt bad that he was so nervous but there wasn't anything we could do at this point so we let him ride it out and he wasn't scarred for life when he got off. It sure did make for a funny picture though! Check out him white-knuckling the steering wheel! Ha!
To make up for laughing at his expense (even though he didn't know we were), we bought him a fudgesicle at the ice cream truck. It was cute to see him give the ice cream man his quarters and he even got a free pin that he wore all day.
Both babies fell asleep and looked so sweet. Baby Maya looked pretty peaceful and comfy in her stroller but poor Fritz was having a rough time getting comfy in the umbrella stroller. Why do my kids always fall asleep in the stroller when I don't bring the nice, big one?
We also had a great time going on a little hike up to the top of a local look-out point in Ventura. It wasn't a long hike but it was pretty steep and David and I both carried the boys, which made it a little more challenging. There was a beautiful park at the top with a great view of the ocean. I wish we had brought a picnic because it was gorgeous but instead, I just took about 200 pictures.
This picture is classic our family. David trying to relax in his Nike shorts, William laying on top of him and along comes Fritz and jumps on them both. Just classic.
Here are a couple other classic pictures. I feel some pangs of vanity sneaking up on me here because, hello! Greasy hair, no make-up, sweaty from our hike and I really need to tone up my arms - but you know what? This is what I look like 90% of the time and this is probably how my boys will remember me. So there.
Also, classic? The top bun, Fritz sucking his thumb and rubbing his head and William laying on me. Thanks Eric and Megan for letting us come stay at your house, watch cheesy movies and Dateline specials and pick 30 avocados from your tree. You're the best!


  1. I am loving the pictures from your new camera. Or at least I'm assuming you got a new camera.

  2. William's scared face is C.L.A.S.S.I.C! Love that pic of David and William too. I would kill for David's eyes! Then there's Lizzy Lou in her workout clothes and top knot. I love everything about this post...except that I'm not with you. I miss my buddy.

  3. i love the photo of william :) i am from ventura! HI!!!

  4. I love the photo of William! What a fun weekend.

  5. Will's face is awesome on that boat ride!! ha ha! Looks like such a fun getaway. Your family is just simply beautiful Liz! :)


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