May 24, 2013

europe 2013: day ten

The next morning, most of the family left really early to catch the ferry back to Sweden and then hop on planes to their next destinations. David and I had already been to London before we met up with the family and we were headed home on Friday, but we had one last day to spend in Malmo, Sweden. We took the ferry back to Malmo with David, Diane, Peter, Darin and Mark and Sarah and enjoyed a low-key day. We loved Malmo! I wished we had a few more days there cause the shopping was wonderful and it is such a beautiful city.
First, we dropped off our bags at the hotel and then wanted to get some lunch. Senja had told me that Sweden has really good falafel so I asked the concierge where to go. She directed us to the Middle Eastern area of Sweden and to Falafel No. 1. We took the long walk there and it was worth it! David and I shared one and he just ordered the same thing as the guy in front of us. It had some sort of fried cheese in it along with the falafel that was really unique and awesome. 
enjoying our falafel on the street.
Then we walked around the city for a few hours. If you ever go to Malmo, go to the Lilla Torg (which means "little square" with cute little restaurants and shops) and go to the Form Design Center to browse through the top floor shop. It has the most beautiful stuff that I wanted to just scoop into my suitcase and bring home with me. Especially this diaper bag.

At one point we ended up at a church that had beautiful stained glass. It was stunning and David and I both loved that each of the windows like this were dedicated to an apostle and each square told a story. I love little details like that.
It was a lot of work to get this picture of us taken. I had tried to set my camera up and take the picture remotely from my phone but it wasn't working at the moment and there were a lot of people around so I ended up having someone take it. After I got my camera back, I about died laughing at the guy photo-bombing in the back there. Haha!
We continued our walking expedition to the waterfront area of the Malmo. This is the newer area of the city and we got lost for a minute and even found our way into a Swedish "Wal-Mart" where we bought a ton of chocolate. Marabou - I love you! We walked by a few office buildings and saw this spinning wheel so the boys decided to try it out.
We finally reached the edge of the city and got to the ocean. It was so beautiful and picturesque. Definitely worth the long walk there. I can imagine how fun the waterfront/boardwalk area is in the summer.
Peter and Darin left us to get on the train for Copenhagen so they could fly to Italy. We said goodbye and finally found our way to an Italian restaurant recommended to us by our concierge, called Epicure. It was very good and we enjoyed talking and enjoying our last night in Europe.
We went back to our hotel, packed up and went to bed knowing we were in for a long day the next morning.


  1. I love these photos! Nice work! And Mark and I thought Epicure was probably the best Italian food we've had. (Or maybe we were hungry and tired of walking, but I think it was the former.)

  2. I have LOVED reading your Europe blog posts and seeing all your photos! It makes me want to take a vacation! I'm sad that it's almost coming to an end. :-( Love you!

  3. I agree with Steph! I'm sad the adventure is over...although I'm excited to see what you've been up to the last few weeks! One of my favorite photos of the trip is that one of you and David on the rocks. Love love love Lizzy Lou!!!

  4. your photos are beautiful!

  5. I love these posts! #1) You take great pictures.
    #2) Your writing is so full of energy -- I feel like I'm there!
    #3) You and your husband are so wonderfully curious about these places you are visiting -- curious about the food, the architecture and art, and the people.

    Looks like you made the most out of your European vacation!!

  6. I need to go here! Such beautiful photos!


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