April 21, 2013

will's favorite things

At William's preschool they do a weekly spotlight on one of the students. A couple of weeks ago it was Will's turn and they ask the parents to help their child make a half sheet of poster board of some things about them. So, one Monday night William helped me decide what he wanted to put on there. Of course, the dogs were a no-brainer but it took some prying to get him to name some other things.
Here are a few favorites of Will lately:
- dogs (any and all)
- setting the table for dinner
- pancakes
- hot dogs
- scrambled eggs
- chips
- picnics
- doing puzzles at the library
- playing "duns" (guns) with his cousins
- riding his Skuut
- wrestling with Fritz

I love this boy. I'm learning every day how to be his mom and most days I just hope I am not ruining him forever. He's a very determined, strong-willed person and I'm trying to learn how to help mold those traits positively. He responds well when I hug him and touch him and loves when I tell him how great he is - this makes me think that physical touch and words of affirmation are his love languages. Friday was a rough day for the both of us - there was a lot of battling about this and that. That evening, as he was getting ready for bed, we were home alone. Fritz was already asleep, my parents were at a concert and David was helping a co-worker move. It was just the two of us. After reading Will a few stories, I scooped him up and held him like a baby. As I stroked his face, I looked him in the eyes and told him how good, kind, smart and fun he is. The delight in his face as I did that . . . it was like he was eating the most delicious dessert in the world. It confirmed to me that his sweet spirit needs that reaffirmation that I admire and love him. The next day was a good one with him. He was more happy and generally easier to reason with. I know it's because he felt my love and also because I had boosted his confidence. We all need to feel loved and admired and sometimes I forget that my children are people too! :)


  1. So sweet Liz! I agree with Alice. You're the best. By the way, you might need to add a photo of Zane on William's favorite things page. LOL!

    How do you make these cool collage pages? I wish computers didn't make my brain hurt. You'll have to show me.

    1. I'll tell you how to make these "cool collage pages". 1. buy a sheet of white poster board at the dollar store. 2. cut it in half. 3. use dried up markets to draw squiggles and circles. 4. glue on pictures with an old glue stick that has little bits of hair on it (very important). 5. write words randomly in a creative way. The end.

      It's not fancy but that's what I did. :) It's not on the computer either!

  2. You sounds like an awesome mom! Don't be so hard on yourself :0) I love the book Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids: How to stop yelling and start connecting. I was falling into the trap of raising my voice and getting frustrated in what I know was just normal child developmental stages, but nevertheless, losing my cool! For me, I was getting my 3 kids, when they were little, to listen when I wanted them to by threatening taking away things or time outs if they didn't listen (which works when they are little but not so much when they hit age 10!) so this books really helped me! Very interesting on the insights into my own childhood to as it explained that the triggers you have with your kids now are the things that are sensitive in regards to your own childhood!

  3. Love this!! That poster is the sweetest and you are the sweetest mommy!


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