April 23, 2013

oatmeal nuggets

Part of my parents' every day routine is making a big pot of steel cut oats before their morning walk. After we moved in, they had to double (maybe even triple) that pot of oatmeal because it is now my boys' daily routine too. I normally blend a bunch of it in my magic bullet with a touch of honey, almond milk and half a banana for Fritz but my mom has figured out a new favorite way for the boys to eat it - she calls them "oatmeal nuggets" and William thinks it's the coolest thing ever. Basically, she puts the leftover cooked oats in the refrigerator where it congeals. Then when it's cold, you can scoop out little "nuggets" and Will and Fritz love eating them with their fingers. Who knew cold oatmeal could be so tasty? Leave it to GrandMary to think of something like this!


  1. Not a bad idea!!! I might just have to try that. I never was a huge fan of warm oatmeal, but this one actually sounds good! Or maybe I'm just hungry ;)

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