April 16, 2013

spring wins

Yesterday was plain lovely. The boys and I played out in the backyard for a while and there was a beautiful breeze, the grass was lush, the birds were singing, my mom's David Austen roses were blooming and the air smelled of citrus blossoms. All in all, it was the perfect Arizona spring day.
I pulled my mom's parachute (yes, she's awesome and has one of those fun parachutes from gym class in 6th grade) and I whipped it up and down on the lawn while William ran underneath over and over. Then I pulled him across the grass on it and he laughed and begged for "more!". Then we laid on it and looked at the trees while Fritz tackled and slobbered all over us.
My mom came out to pick some grapefruit off the tree and water her plants, so we meandered over to the citrus trees and rose garden. Frederick helped pick a few and we snapped some pictures because it was so pretty out there. I always said that autumn is my favorite season, but I think I've changed my mind. Spring wins.


  1. It looks like you've had a better night?
    Your boys are just so cute!!!
    Happiness wins (-;

  2. When you come next week you should load up your van with grapefruit...like the whole trees worth! I want to eat them all! I could nibble on that sweet Fritz while I'm at it too :)


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