April 15, 2013


So, here was my night last night:

10:00 p.m.: go to bed "early"
11:00 p.m.: baby monitor blares with Fritz screaming
11:15 p.m.: feed Fritz a bottle*
1:00 a.m.: William wakes up calling for me
1:02 a.m.: he says he needs his blanket over him and also, a drink
1:03 a.m.: I go to the kitchen and bring William a glass of water
1:04 a.m.: he's asleep
2:00 a.m.: I hear a door slam and see a light on the bathroom - Will is going potty
2:05 a.m.: as I'm drifting off to sleep, I hear a knock at the bedroom door
2:06 a.m.: "I need a drink", says William
2:07 a.m.: (sigh)
2:40 a.m.: I still can't go back to sleep and so I look at Instagram on my phone
4:00 a.m.: Fritz wakes up screaming (I lay there and hope he goes back to sleep)
4:10 a.m.: no dice
4:12 a.m.: feed him another bottle
4:30 a.m.: back to bed
7:00 a.m.: rise and shine from Fritz
9:00 a.m.: a certain 3-year-old is still sleeping in my bed
9:01 a.m.: I am jealous
before bed the other night - "here Fritz, I read you a story".
I'm tired. Sometimes being a mom is exhausting - physically and mentally. Praying for a nap today.

*P.S. Frederick used to sleep through the night like a champ but lately he wakes up a few times a night like he's having EXTREME hunger pangs. I'm confident it's because he's having a growth spurt (he's grown a lot in the last week) and even though I have been trying to feed him copious amounts of food at dinner so he'll be full during the night, he still wakes up a couple of times just screaming for more! I resort to a bottle because it's convenient but I know that I'm going to have to wean him off soon - just not until after my in-laws are done babysitting him (I'm not that mean). Any tips?


  1. My pediatrician claims that after 6 months babies have no need for food in the night. It certainly will calm them, but it is not needed. So, feel free to go all cry it out if you are ok with that.

  2. My rule of thumb is that if the kid is waking up at different times during the night, then there's something going on (like they're hungry or having a nightmare). If, however, they're waking up at the same time (like 2 am one night, 2:10 the next, 1:50 the next after that), they've formed a habit and you just have to grit your teeth through the crying rather than reinforcing it.

  3. i wish i had some tips for you! :) have you read "The Baby/Child Whisperer" or "The Wonder Weeks"? i have been reading both now and love them.. maybe it helps?

    otherwise, i'm sending a big hug! :)

  4. My advice? Re-read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child." You may have forgotten something. :)

  5. Lurker here, just coming out to say that I've had more than a few nights like that! I have no tips because I'm in the same boat--still nursing my 1-year old baby several times a night because right now I'd rather have the sleep than try to wean her! I know it is time to wean when that feeling switches and the night-wakings become so numerous and both our sleep patterns are disrupted enough that suddenly I'd rather wean her than have the sleep. :)

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  7. It won't always be, I promise! It is what it is. I say, love on them. I would not want to be ignored when I may need a cuddle/drink/back rub. Someday, sooner than you think, you will crave a night time snuggle! I don't think you will regret meeting their nighttime needs. Seriously, like, "The Facts of LIfe" theme song is rolling around in my head.....are you too young to appreciate my humor?!

  8. Hang in there! These moments although long when in them are short. My boy is almost 3 and we are just now getting to where he doesn't wake up consistenly for food. You know your boy best.

  9. If you truly think he is hungry, feed him. But it usually just develops into a bad habit. I can't just let my babies cry. So I would go in and just hold them or pat them on the back, but no food. After a few times, they get the hint and start sleeping because waking up isn't worth it.


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