March 18, 2013

"what is a weekend?"

We spent the weekend:

- going to Liberty Market with my brother and sister-in-law. Then came back to my parents' and stayed up really late talking and laughing (and Ashley even stripped down and showed me her Braologie bra and now I want one). It's so fun to go on double dates with family.
taken by Ashley with her super fancy camera.
- planning our trip to Europe in a few weeks. I am dying inside - I can't wait! If you have any last-minute tips, let me know!

- introducing the boys to Mr. Nibbles (my sister's family bunny). It was entertaining - Will loved watching the rabbit run around and Fritz mostly just tried to lay on top of him. 
- taking a Sunday drive in the desert. Spring in the desert is really beautiful. While San Diego is coastal, it is still the desert and the vegetation was not really my taste (I'm more of a woodsy kind of girl) but the Arizona desert is really unique and beautiful in its own way. As we drove out to Saguaro Lake and enjoyed the spring flowers and the Superstition Mountains, I was reminded to love where you live.
- my teenage nephew, Collin, played with William for hours and was so sweet with him. They built blanket forts, paper airplanes and read stories. It was kind of the best and William was in heaven! He is loving having all his cousins close by.
P.S. the title of my post is from one of my favorite one-liners of the Dowager Countess. Did you catch that?


  1. That weekend line was adorable. Loved the swivel chair bit especially, too. I'm so jealous you're going to London, enjoy it!!

  2. I am super intrigued by this bra! Let me know if you try it out

  3. You are looking so beautiful and happy, I hope all is well.

  4. Hahah loved our girl talk :) glad you're here even though I wish we were both there.

  5. Thanks for the lovely photo of the desert! I miss it so much. I am looking for a comfortable bra. I am sick of under wires that poke and pinch and straps that won't stay up! Let us know what you think!


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