March 3, 2013

the big move: part 1

Whew! It's been a crazy weekend! I didn't mention this before (to protect the boys and myself from internet crazies) but David moved to Arizona about a month ago and I've been packing our house as a single mom. This has easily been one of the hardest months of my entire life. Being a single mom alone has been incredibly difficult but adding on the chaos and messiness of moving . . . let's just say, I cried myself to sleep more than once. I missed my guy a lot.
My in-laws took Will and Fritz to their house on Wednesday morning so that we could move without having to deal with the needs of two small children while we packed and cleaned. David flew in that afternoon and we ran a few errands and then headed to Sushi Diner for dinner. After a month apart, it felt really great to hold hands, smile at each other and have a few days to spend without our kids. Then it was off to pack! We spent all Thursday packing up the U-Haul and then we went to dinner at Piatti with our dear friends. My friend, Stephanie, is so sweet and she wrote a poem about our family that she recited at dinner:
Kristi, me, Stephanie, Lela and Ashley
The Bryants

Freshly baked cookies on move-in day from a girl we’d never met.
Her loving gesture touched our hearts; never will we forget.
An instant friend, a radiant soul, that first encounter revealed,
A mother-to-be with love in her heart, creativity, and zeal.

We soon met David, her other half; construction management his trade,
With a huge, friendly heart, always lending a hand and a permanent smile displayed.
Conversationalist and storyteller are two of his talents; is there anything he can’t do? Nada!
He hails from El Centro, a little border town with the best ever carne asada.

Soon their family blossomed as they welcomed little William; a sweet, precious red-haired boy.
Now a whopping 3-years-old he loves dogs, playing with his brother, and dressing up like a cowboy.
Little Fritz came later—a happy little soul—with the most gorgeous auburn locks.
He loves walking and moving, playing and family, and squealing—his cute baby talk.

Elizabeth’s style always set the trend; David’s bonfire-building skills were the best.
And when in a bind, they were there for us—lending a truck or hemming a dress.
She, a culinary whiz; he, a food connoisseur—we undoubtedly trusted their tastes.
In a city so new, they showed us the ropes with restaurant recommendations for days.

From Avalon to Allied Gardens, now Arizona-bound; they’ve moved from place to place.
Still as much as we dislike it, there’s no keeping them around; they’re on their way, post-haste.
We’ll miss all the parties, girls’ and guys’ nights, and potlucks —memories so sweet.
Luckily for us, Lizzy Writes, so we’ll never miss a beat.

Now in the times we miss them most, as we reflect on memories passed,
We’ll remember that kindred friends at first are friends that forever last.

Needless to say, my throat was lumpy and my eyes were wet as she read the poem at dinner. Isn't it the sweetest? She's wonderful!
I love my friends so much and I already miss them terribly. I feel so glad to have such wonderful people in my life.


  1. We already miss you terribly!! That was such a fun night. Tears and all. You are the best Lizzy Lou and SD will not be the same with out you!! Counting down the days till April girls weekend ;)

  2. Still so so sad!!! Why oh why does everyone move? Such a fun last night to spend hanging out as couples, but I SO wish it wasn't really the LAST!

  3. Take care, Lizzy and good luck!

  4. We miss you already. I had to add you to the evite for my lantern party this weekend, even though I knew you wouldn't be able to make it. I just wanted you to feel loved and to know that you are still a part of us. We love and miss you dearly! Xoxo

  5. I still "don't wanna taco 'bout it"... I miss my bestie (commence ugly cry) Every day will be a countdown to seeing my Lizzy love. Like Steph said "Luckily for us, Lizzy Writes, so we’ll never miss a beat." Love you, Boo! XOXOXO


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