February 27, 2013

perfect lela day

On Tuesday I met up with my dear friend, Lela, for one last zoo excursion. I've mentioned my love for this girl before (when they moved to Virginia last summer) but when I think about leaving San Diego, it really kills me that I won't be able to hang out with her anymore. Our boys are friends (both husband boys and kid boys) and it's this awesome marriage of families - it's pretty rare that husbands, wives and kids all get along in a friendship and we'll miss their family so much! She truly is like a sister to me. In the four years we've lived in San Diego I've made some pretty amazing friends that have been my surrogate family and Lela's friendship has been one of the most influential in my life. Ok, I should stop gushing now.

You know it's a good friendship when you only have plans to hang out for a couple of hours but you just can't bear to part so it ends up being a whole day thing. We first met for lunch at Con Pane for the world's greatest sandwich (turkey cobb on foccacia) and then headed to the zoo.

The boys pose for a photo op during lunch, which was a real treat with four kids under four by the way. But really, it was delicious and really fun.

I really wish William would smile for pictures. What the heck! And poor Fritz was sooooo tired. Napping on the go is not one of his talents. Being cute, though, is. :)

Zane and Will decided to climb up on this bird statue for a photo. "I'm flying Jack!"

William loved this gorilla statue so much that he decided to gouge out his eyes too.

One of the funniest parts of the day was when William found this little nipple on the elephant statue and started "milking it". Then crazy Zane came over and acted like he was drinking the milk. These funny boys have apparently seen their mom's nurse their baby brothers too much. Haha! I was laughing really hard.
After all afternoon at the zoo, we decided to drop off the boys are her house with her husband (thanks Sean - you're the best!) and we went to dinner (can't wait to get back on the eating healthy bandwagon as soon as we move! Yikes!) It was nice to spend more time with her without our kids and have adult conversation. Whoops, I said no more gushing but I can't help it!


  1. The bawling continues. Love you girl!!

  2. One bright spot in your moving... When you drive through Yuma to see your in-laws in the future-you can stop at Kneaders. They have a sandwich very similar to the one you ate with your friend. I hope to cross paths with you in Mesa. Are you staying with your parents or do you have a place scoped out already?


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