March 11, 2013

in my diaper bag

Over the last few years, I've learned a few things about what I like to carry in my diaper bag. When I first became a mom, I used to tote everything but the kitchen sink around in my gigantic bag and they were always such a pain to carry! Plus, I could never find anything in them. My keys were always getting lost, it was always too heavy and I'd often find items in there that I had never even used when I did my quarterly cleaning. So after trying out a few bags ,I finally edited things down to "my essentials".
For MOM:
1. I now carry around a tote bag that I love. This one is from Fossil and it wasn't cheap but for something that I carry every single day, I think it's worth it. Plus it goes with most of my wardrobe, which I love.
2. I love my Hobo wallet and the sunshine color makes me happy.
3. Keys are constantly getting lost (am I right or am I right?) so I love this minty tassel keychain to help me find them in my bag. I can always pick them out among my things and it also makes a great toy for babies. I got mine on clearance and it has since sold out but here's another cute option.
4. David picked out this perfectly peachy lip gloss for me a couple of Christmases ago and it's my very favorite in the whole wide world. Glossy but not sticky, moisturizing and the perfect color for spring and summer. 

1. My mom always carried a tape measure in her purse and I carry on this tradition. It is the PERFECT toy for kids and has also come in handy more than once on a shopping trip to Home Depot.
2. It might seem weird that I'm including a box of mints in the entertainment section but I always carry them for myself and they also make an excellent rattle (and William loves to sneak one as well).
3. This little cow flashlight keychain is a #1 favorite amongst my boys. It's not great for quiet situations (like church or anything) but they think it is very entertaining and never tire of it.

1. Baby Mum-Mums are the best! These little rice biscuits don't create a big mess (no stains), are individually wrapped and both my baby and 3-year-old adore them. 
2. I carry a few pouches of Plum baby food (the cherry, sweet corn and Greek yogurt is Fritz's favorite) for when we've been running errands too long and he's hungry. These pouches are great because they can just suck the food out without using a spoon. My boys also love the GoGo Squeez products and I often carry those too.
3. What kid doesn't love fruit snacks? I love these Teensy Fruits because they're just real fruit and they're small enough that Fritz can enjoy them. I also buy the Stretch Island fruit leathers for William (though he likes to eat the tiny things more).
4. These Baggu zipper bags are awesome because they come in all kinds of sizes, are durable and work really well for a wet bag if you need them for soiled clothing. I use one for kid snacks and one for my small things (like my lip gloss, hand sanitizer and pressed powder).

1. I never carried a diaper clutch until recently and - holy cow! - what took me so long? It is so nice to have everything you need for a diaper change in one place. I ordered this one from Etsy and I am really, really pleased with the quality. Plus, it's cute. :)
2. William only had some mild diaper rash once or twice when he was a baby so I never really thought about diaper rash cream until I had Fritz. The poor boy has had pretty bad diaper rash and I've tried a few different brands but this Mustela one is the best! It smells delightful (I think all the others stink!) and every time I use it, it's gone within one diaper change. I'm never using anything else.

What are your diaper bag essentials? I'd love to hear what you can't live without!


  1. For my baby, we ALWAYS MUST have a couple of burp cloths on hand, because he spits up so much (acid reflux). He's gotten way better, but I wouldn't want to be caught without one (it's happened). As a newborn we also ALWAYS had gripe water on hand for colic. Basically, I have a difficult child :)

  2. I'm ordering that cow right now. And the tape measure is so clever. Thanks!

  3. I got a cute diaper bag when I got pregnant, but the whole concept just doesn't fit my lifestyle, I learned pretty quickly! The only times we've used it are on road trips. The rest of the time, my normal (decent-sized) purse has a bottle, burp cloth, and formula in it (my daughter is 6 months old). I agree about the tape measure being a fun toy - I've always carried one, and it's doubly handy now! I also love my Hobo wallet, and I'm crazy about Fresh Sugar's tinted lip balm. My keys and other purse goodies are toys in a pinch. For diaper changes, I'm a fan of the Skip Hop Pronto changer - hubs keeps a plain black one in his car, and mine's a colorful Jonathan Adler one. :)

  4. This really made me re-think what I've been carrying. I'm the same; a 3 year old and a 1 year old so I don't need much these days. I had been using my Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack to cram everything for the two of them, but now I can get away with some pouches of GoGo Squeez Applesauce, cheerios, a diaper & wipes, and their water bottles (kids camelbaks). You have me wanting a diaper clutch! I use these pouches from The Pleated Poppy to carry my phone, debit card, and lipgloss, and another for a few matchbox cars, an index card for drawing, and crayons.

  5. Wow, that really is your whole diaper bag :) All looks so familiar...and then it makes me sad it's not plopped near my front door. I don't leave home without Ella's organic mangoes, sugar free gum and Victoria Secret bubblegum flavored lipgloss --but you probably already knew that.

  6. Hey there I'm missing you and just catching up on your posts. Looks like the essentials, but I've got to carry a kids toothbrush, Luke loves to chew on it


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