March 31, 2013

frederick's easter birthday

We had a lovely Easter weekend packed full of fun and about one million pictures. I'm going to break it down into a few posts so I don't overload each post with pictures for when I print my blog.
I promised myself I wouldn't go overboard with Frederick's first birthday and I think I did a pretty good job at keeping it simple. Technically, tomorrow is Frederick's first birthday but since I knew my family would be coming over for Easter dinner, we decided to combine the two parties. I liked having the excuse of a dual party because it made me not feel so ridiculous for spray painting plastic eggs and tying on chair ties for a baby's birthday. :) 
We had dinner out on the lawn and it was really beautiful. My mom has a lovely garden and it was really nice to enjoy the spring time weather and flowers. I also was able to find a bunch of daffodils and ranunculus at Trader Joe's for really cheap and stuffed several in some vases. Fresh flowers make a party, if you ask me. I also cut a few branch blossoms off my mom's peach tree and laid those on the burlap runners on the table. It all felt very springtime. 
Our Easter dinner included glazed ham, leek and potato galette (recipe coming soon), roasted asparagus, homemade rolls and coconut lemon vanilla cake (recipe also coming soon!). It was a delicious dinner. 


  1. I look angry. You look beautiful! The whole setup was amazing.

  2. What a perfect Easter spread! I showed Zane that picture with the trampoline in the back and he's stoked to come visit. Of course, he wants to load up the car and come now. Happy first birthday to Fritz-ee-pooh!!! We love that little bugger :)

    ...ohhhh Trader Joes and those ranunculus. TJ's and Tarjay might be all we ever need :)


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