February 6, 2013

will the photographer

Last weekend we met some friends at Mission Bay for a bonfire. We made foil dinners (and I brought these cookies). I went early to spend some extra time at the spot we love and have spent many summer nights enjoying sunsets. Maybe I cried a little when I thought about the fact that I won't be here this summer to do that and instead I'll be sweating bullets in Arizona come August. Oh well, I'll visit!
Will has been really into taking pictures with my DSLR camera lately. It's pretty cute to see his face when he realizes that he can create art. I love seeing that little smile creep onto his lips when the shutter clicks and he says, "Say cheese!" He holds the camera carefully with both hands (and he's required to wear the strap around his neck too). It's pretty cute. He did a pretty good job at taking pictures too - he even snapped the one above of me and Fritz!

Taking this picture (and also looking back at it) gives me a major lump in my throat. Don't make me leave!

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