July 23, 2012

makeup, stain-free clothes and my man

My friend, Kristi, and I have started doing some babysitting trades and it's the most ingenious thing ever. I love being able to leave my kids with other moms who have kids. It makes me feel so much more comfortable than leaving them with a teenage girl who doesn't know what to do with a crying newborn.

To celebrate David's birthday I left Fritz with her and her baby-whisperer husband on Saturday night (Will was out of town at my in-law's) and we went to our favorite restaurant in San Diego, Cucina Urbana. It didn't disappoint . . . again. We started with our favorite creamy mascarpone polenta ragu board which I devoured in like two seconds while David looked at the menu. You snooze you lose, birthday boy!
David got the grilled pork chop with mascarpone whipped potatoes, confit baby carrots, grilled onion condimenti and baby arugula. It was delicious and he loved it but I was really partial to my foraged mushroom wood-fired pizza with taleggio, braised leek and truffle oil. Just typing that seriously made my salivary glands start having a party. It went awesome with my mocktail of muddle strawberry, mint, lime, ginger syrup and soda. I want to go back right now.
And how sad is it that the only pictures I took all night were of our food. I have problems. The saddest part is that David looked so handsome in the outfit I chose for him. Oh well, I guess I'll always have the memories.

After dinner, we booked it as fast as we could to see The Dark Knight Rises (in IMAX no less!). I was super nervous because of the recent horrific shooting spree and also because the last Batman movie kind of scarred me. I was terrified of The Joker and couldn't even enjoy the movie because it was too dark for my taste but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this movie - at the end anyway - and how much I enjoyed Joseph Gordon-Leavitt in the film (but that's not really a surprise). Don't get me wrong, Bane was terrifying. Terrifying! 

I missed Fritz and worried the whole time but Kristi did send me this adorable picture of Fritz hanging out with Ollie. Her Oliver boy is so darling it made me just die when I saw this. And Fritz's face is kind of priceless. 
The night was so nice. I loved having time to spend with David, thinking about how fun it is to date him. We held hands, you guys! That like never happens. It's sad but true when you have two kids to tote around with you all the time. We flirted. I snuggled up at the scary parts of the movie. We kissed. I miss date night. Let's do it again soon, babes.

(Update: if you read my post earlier about breastfeeding, I don't want to spark a debate on my blog which is why I decided to remove it. Let me clarify by saying that I left the babysitter with expressed breastmilk in a bottle and I also nursed him before we left. Thanks for your concern for my baby.)


  1. Congrats on David's birthday!
    The boys are adorable!

  2. I have to try that restaurant next time we are in San Diego! Everything sounds delicious! Date nights are the best :)

  3. I'm drooling a little right now. I love LCU.


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