July 19, 2012

happy birthday dear david

David's 30th birthday was super low-key. I was really disappointed when I asked him what he wanted to do for this huge milestone and he said, "Nothing." I was thinking of a big trip or a huge party with our closest friends but he said he didn't want to do anything like that. I knew he's not the surprise party kind of guy so I just did my best to make the day special for him at home.

He left really early for work so I didn't get to wish him a happy birthday until he got home. I typed up "30 things I love about you" and taped them onto the front door with washi tape to greet him when he arrived. He told me it had been a long day but it seemed like it brightened his spirits to read them all. 
I had asked him a few days ago what he wanted for his birthday dinner. He said, "Ground beef tacos with Ortega." So, that's what he got - minus the Ortega because I thought we had some in our pantry. Whoops. 
I totally reused the banner from William's birthday.
He had to rush off to Mutual (with our church youth group) after dinner so we had to wait until he got home to have dessert. William was very excited for "the cake" and for his pops to see the present he helped me pick out for David (his favorite candies - Jelly Belly's and gummy bears). And then he proceeded to sneak-eat half the bag of gummy bears right before bed. Awesome.
David's not into the whole birthday cake with candles thing (which saddens me) so I made him a coconut cream tart and sneaked in one candle. 
Happy Birthday to my dude.


  1. Happy birthday to your husband. Can you share the recipe for the coconut cream tart please? For my husband's 30th birthday back in January I threw a surprise party where everyone dressed up as old people. I had dress up clothes for him too. It was awesome!

    1. Thanks Joke! I'll share the coconut cream tart recipe this week. Just typing up the recipe. :) It's a goodie!

  2. if only we were still in town so that we might help take the leftovers off your hands.
    happy birthday, uncle d!

  3. I'm a celebrator and my husband is a lot more low key.
    Birthdays are about celebrating the way the birthday person wants to though aren't they?
    You did a lovely job!

  4. I love how special you made his day! He wanted low key and that is exactly what you gave him. Very sweet : )
    Love the lone candle. Understated!

  5. Happy Birthday David!! Love your wreath =)

  6. Such cute ideas! Did you make that wreath! Wow!

    1. Thanks Hespyhesp! Yep, I made the wreath. :)

  7. What program do you use to make the cards and signs? I see people doing this kind of thing and not sure what program they use?? Such a cute idea!!


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