May 29, 2012

memorial day 2012

One of my dearest friends, Lela, and her family are moving across the country in a couple of weeks. Every time I think about it I get a lump in my throat. She is one of the most loved people I know and tons of people will be left with a void in their lives when their family is gone. Hopefully they'll move back after five months! Fingers crossed!

Because it was Memorial Day, and because I wanted to, we decided to have a "see ya later" party/BBQ for them last night. We had our first outdoor summer party on the patio this year and it was so nice! I bought a long string of lights and David hung them around the edge of the patio cover. Then I set the table (that David made me) with some fresh flowers and cute plates I got for free from Wisteria! Cups and napkins are from IKEA.
We also set up a table on the grass for the kids (and ten-year-old, Daysen, who really wanted to be at the adult table - sweet kid).
Dinner included burgers (with the best foccacia buns from Con Pane) and toppings like blue cheese, avocado and bacon, tortellini pasta salad, watermelon, corn relish (or succotash?) and strawberry shortcake for dessert - it is summer, after all. It was all so delicious!
David looked handsome in his patriotic shirt slaving over the grill.
Fritz relaxed in his bouncer for a while.
We have a small house for five children so I set up a bunch of outdoor stuff to keep them in the backyard (although they did end up watching a movie inside near the end of the night). I put out some coloring pages and crayons for Ella (the only girl) on a small IKEA Lack table, put our small slide on the grass, pulled out William's ride-on toys and laid out a blanket on the grass for the babies. David even made a game set of Kubb earlier that day! I have plans for it later that I'll share but it's such a fun outdoor game that anyone can get into!
I love my friends so much. Lela, Kristi and Stephanie are some of the best girlfriends I could ever dream of. No drama, positive and uplifting and we always have great times together with laugh attacks that make me so happy for days. I'm really grateful for them (and they're awesome families) in my life.


  1. i heart this so much. you really do have such a great group of friends!

  2. What a fun get together. You always make everything so pretty. :)

  3. i have been wanting to build my own outdoor table. and i love what you guys did... please tell me how!!

    and that fritz is so darling!

  4. What a fun (and beautiful) party! I love the flowers and place settings--and are Fritz's eyes going to stay blue? They look like it! He is precious. :)


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