May 30, 2012

house tour: master bedroom

This isn't a design blog nor am I a designer at all. I wish I were better at decorating because I like it so much but mostly I just decorate with things that I like and that I think look good even if it doesn't make sense to other people. Our house may not be the most stylish or the most "decorated" but I'm pretty happy with how it looks so I've decided to post pictures of each room in my house. A lot has changed in the way I've decorated (even in the last year, in this house) and I like looking back at what I use to like. Plus, I think it's fun to get a peek into other people's houses and I'm sure many of you like that too. Right?

The other good thing about doing this is it forces me to clean my house, room by room so I can take a good picture. I'm trying to be better at making my bed every day and just generally keeping a clean house (which is hard with a new baby). I believe that you can have a beautiful decorated house but if it's not clean, it looks horrible. When I feel discouraged with the way my house looks and I start craving new throw pillows or something else to buy, giving my house a good scrub down usually curbs my appetite for something new. 

I cleaned my bedroom really well from top to bottom in between naps today, opened all my windows to let in some fresh air and took a few pictures and now I feel pretty keen towards those over-used Chiang Mai Dragon pillows that I was getting so tired of. The room is itty-bitty and barely fits our California King bed, nightstands and one dresser but we've gotten used to it. I have to squeeze in between my side of the bed and the dresser every day but there are other things about this house that make up for it. 
Duvet: Anthropologie super sale (the other side has a pattern but I switch it up sometimes and just use the white side)
Sheets: Target
Rug: Lands End
Side Tables: IKEA (this hack)
Lamps: Home Goods
Pillows: Home Goods (mustard - there's actually this pattern on the other side) and eBay (Chiang Mai)
Sunburst mirror: Home Goods
Dresser: IKEA (Hemnes)


  1. I am of course going to ask about the one thing you didn't source, what do you have your necklaces on and where did you get it? And could you post a better picture? I need something for my necklaces!!

    1. It's from IKEA about 5 years ago. I haven't seen it lately but maybe they have something else that would work for you?

  2. I love your home! You have such a fun decorating style!!

  3. You don't need that little caveat at the beginning about your house being the most decorated or whatever... your house is ADORABLE and I've been super jealous every time I've been there about how you get to live surrounded by style. Maybe I need to post pictures of my house so I'll be motivated to clean too... goodness knows I need some motivation!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I feel the same way when I go to your house! You have a real eye for decorating and your house is so inviting. :)

  4. Ah I love how it's crisp, clean and refined. I love when people post pictures of their's fun to see different ideas!

    I need some bedroom decor inspiration. I just don't know if I have the courage to make our own headboard!

  5. I love your home- what I've seen of it! I love your eye for detail and coordination. I agree, it's fun to see the inside of other peoples homes!

  6. So beautiful! It looks so fresh and clean!


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