May 8, 2012

fresh powder

Around the beginning of the year William was starting to give up his nap. Mostly this was a result of me wanting freedom during the day to use the afternoon to go to the zoo or to the grocery store before starting dinner but also because I was resisting dealing with the temper tantrum of taking a nap. The trade off was the temper tantrum I got because he didn't take a nap. Anyway, a few months ago things were looking up after I put William back to bed over 70 times in one night. He was starting to understand that sleep time is non-negotiable. After I had the baby he has been taking regular 3-hour naps every day. He fights me every time but he needs it and is so much more pleasant after he's had his resting time. It makes having a newborn so much easier! I get a 3 hour(ish) window to do laundry, sit quietly and feed the baby or (shock) take a nap myself.

The other day while William was napping, I dozed off on the couch while feeding the baby. When I woke up, about 45 minutes later, I was feeling so great. The baby was snoozing in my arms. My laundry was folded and the house was quiet. I started to hear William puttering around in his room and reading books to himself. I posted on Facebook about how grateful I was that he had taken a nap and was being such a good boy. After a few minutes he came out of his room and I praised him for taking a nap and being in a good mood. I noticed a strong smell of baby powder but didn't think much of it because, hey, it smells good!
Then I got up from the couch and walked by his room and saw a thick layer of white. This pictures does not do it justice. He had dumped a whole bottle all over his room. Thank goodness it's just powder and vaccumed up easily and, even more imporantly, it smells nice in there now! I seriously just stood in his doorway and stared for a few minutes, took a couple of pictures and then left it there for David to clean up when he got home. Thanks honey!

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  1. This picture is priceless. What a stinker-- a cute stinker though!!!


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