March 20, 2012

a peter rabbit book shower

My sweet friend, Jaimey, offered to throw me a baby shower a few weeks ago. It was incredibly kind of her and made me feel really good. I felt pretty greedy accepting another baby shower since this is my second baby and I've already had the good fortune to have had two great baby showers when I was expecting William, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity for a girl's night and to see what kind of awesome ideas Jaimey would come up with. She's so talented!
Since I'm having another boy and I already have everything I "need", I suggested that Jaimey ask people to bring a book to add to my children's library. She came up with the idea of a vintage, woodland Peter Rabbit theme. I died when she told me! So cute! She thought of every detail and I was amazed at all her talents.
Check out this little Peter Rabbit centerpiece. It had a chocolate bunny on moss, with little flowers and parsley and the most adorable little mushrooms (which she got from this Etsy shop).
On each table she had covered books and tied them with a red ribbon and made little flower bouquets in recycled baby food jars complete with ferns and parsley (which I thought was so clever and also economical! I'm storing away that idea!)
The food was amazing. I wish I had a better picture of it! There was chicken salad with homemade rolls (by Meg), amazing chocolate cookies - my one weakness (by Aarean), fruit with coconut dip, a cheese tray with my favorites (havarti, sharp cheddar, goat cheese and gorgonzola), goat cheese and chive mini muffins, the most amazing chocolate bundt cake garnished with mini chocolate mushrooms and my very favorite basil lemonade. I was so glad that I skipped dinner that evening!
holding up a painting my friend, Lela, made for me (why do I have a Jay Leno chin in this picture?)
I was thrilled and surprised to see that I didn't get any book duplicates! Of course, my friends were incredibly generous and I also received lots of other things like this beautiful painting done by my dear friend, Lela, and also some adorable outfits. I have been surprisingly strong-willed and haven't bought anything new for this baby so some new outfits were really appreciated.
And, of course, Jaimey made these adorable favors with chocolate bunnies on red and white spotted cupcake liners sitting on shredded butcher paper.

Maybe it's my hormones but I get teary-eyed when I think about my friends here. They are some of the best I've had in my life and I'm so grateful for all of them. I wish I had thought to take a picture with everyone there but the thought didn't occur to me until 10:30 and most everyone had left. Anyway, I love you all my girls!


  1. What a wonderful idea for a shower! That's so sweet of your friend - what would we do without our ladies?

  2. It really was the most adorable shower. Jaimey is so sweet and talented! I had so much fun!!!

  3. So cute, so fun. and your girlfriends are the best. I would like to adopt them. ;)

  4. Liz, you are seriously too sweet. I can't take all the credit for this shower, as I got many ideas from other parties I've seen and I had tons of help, but it was so much fun planning it, and I was so happy to do something special for you. You deserve many, many parties, my friend! :) Lots of love, and hoping you're feeling as calm and pain-free as is possible with your due date so close!

  5. Wow! What an amazing baby shower! Seriously so stunning!
    - Hope : )

  6. Wow, that idea was so cute and perfect! It all looked so nice too! I might take some ideas if you don't mind.



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