March 8, 2012

a mama letter

Dear Sweet William,

Today was one of those days where we didn't leave the house and I had to get creative to occupy you so you didn't get too stir crazy while I cleaned and cleaned to prepare for your baby brother. I pulled out the pack of IKEA straws (which you're always getting into), a colander and a cheese grater and let you figure out how to put the straws into the holes. You concentrated very hard. When we were in Arizona last week, your Uncle Marcus mentioned that you seem so serious when you play. I explained that when you're playing, you're learning, exploring, trying to figure out how the things work in the world around you. I love watching your mind work and I hope that you'll always love to learn. It makes me sad to think that your hands won't always be baby-dimpled and that your lips won't be red and plump while you concentrate, but today, I loved watching my baby grow.

Love, Mom


  1. oh so precious! What a sweet letter - and what a sweet little 'big brother to-be'. :)

  2. He is adorable but I have to say he looks a lot like my two year old son! At first I thought it was just me until I showed your blog to my husband. Take a look at my blog it's too funny.

  3. So cute! Also, great idea on the activity. You are creative!


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