January 26, 2012

this guy you love

You think you love this guy. This man you're dating and falling in love with.
He asks you to be his wife and your heart wants to burst because you wonder if you could ever love this person more than you do at that moment as you giggle uncontrollably and say, "yes!"
Then you marry him and on your wedding day, you think "I could never love him more than I do now".
Then you have a baby with him and when you see him hold your child, kiss away his tears, teach him and watch him say "I love you", you realize your love for him has grown even though you didn't think it could.

I wonder what will bring on the next elevation of love? Is there more than this?


  1. I love your blog. This post made me tear up... especially the last picture and comment - as I anxiously await my first child (any day now).

    Hope everything is going well with the pregnancy.

  2. Seriously the cutest :) I love you guys! Being in love with your best friend really is the best gift life can give. I guess the next elevation is watching David be a father to your TWO boys! So very sweet. Sometimes all my boys will jump on Sean in a big ole pile. They all start growling, laughing and wrestling each other. I love it. Big ole pile of love :)

  3. This is very sweet. I'm a fan of you, Lizzy! I think that love can keep growing as you have more kids/grandkids and go through life together. It's sure a beautiful thing, and we're so blessed to know it never has to end!

    Nice to meet you, I'm Crystalee. I blog at ourbecktreks.blogspot.com


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