November 14, 2011

anticipation, anticipation

This is a big week. First, tomorrow we find out the sex of our baby. I'm super jazzed and, lucky for you, I'm not one to keep a secret (so expect a post this week)!Then we leave for Arizona this weekend to be with my family for a whole ten days to celebrate Thanksgiving. Again, SUPER jazzed! Almost all my eleven siblings (we'll miss you Heidi!) will be at my parent's this year with their families. It's going to be a full house - which is my favorite kind of house.
Here's a cute picture of Will on his new Skuut that he got for his birthday. His feet don't touch the ground yet so he can't ride it without help, but he's getting close. When I see pictures like this I can't believe how big my sweet Fitz is. His facial features are losing their baby-ness. It makes me ache for another newborn to, as I said to David the other day, "start over". It's not that I regret how we've been raising William it's just the anticipation of having another sweet baby to do this all over with again is so exciting! And it's so fun to watch William grow and learn new things. Like when I heard him in the crib the other morning go, "Sen, eight, nine, TEN!" He knows more than I think he does.


  1. I can't wait to find out what you're having-- it's totally a girl, I just know it! It was great seeing you guys on Friday! Can't wait to see you again next week!

  2. It's a funny comparison you post when you say you are excited to have a new little one to get to do all these firsts with again when yesterday at church, Ethan and I dropped off Violet at nursery for the first time and we high-fived each other because that is the last time we have to do that ever again.

    BTW, my guess is another boy. Two cute brothers and I am sure the second will have a name as classic as the first.


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