July 10, 2011

we celebrated and it was fun

David and I spent the weekend in Orange County for a friend's wedding. The bride and groom are two of the most wonderful people and I sobbed like a baby through their ceremony. It was a beautiful thing to see two lovely people start a life together and feel confident that they will make it.
I could not even look at the father of the bride. He was really emotional the whole day and every time I looked at him, I would cry. They have a really adorable relationship and she looked so beautiful.
first dance. and there's David grinning in between them. so funny.
The reception was fun! I had to sit by myself since David was sitting at the wedding party table but I sat next to some sweet, interesting people and had a good time. Of course, there was lots of dancing and even though I look pretty stupid when I dance I had a good time for about 30 minutes and then I sat down with the old people and watched. I have to say - people watching is really fun but the greatest form of entertainment is watching people dance at a wedding reception or party. I pointed out two girls to David. One was a really good dancer. She had all the right moves, had a cute body and was confident. The other was a slightly older woman who was having a great time but really couldn't pull off the moves she was putting out there. I told David that when I dance I feel like the first girl but I look like the second. It's most unfortunate.
Then we drove to Laguna Beach to stop by my brother and sister-in-law's house. They were at church but luckily we caught them (or they caught us!) right after we broke into their house to use the bathroom. Ha! I love them and I'm so glad that we only live about an hour(ish) apart.
There's a lovely home just two doors down from theirs (above) that I've been admiring for a while now and I finally took a picture of it. Isn't it perfection? It could use one or two touches of updating but I could really love living there and sitting under the huge tree in the front yard on a blanket on a summer afternoon with a cold lemonade.

We also went to a movie and saw Midnight in Paris. I totally recommend it! I told David and the opening credits made it worth the outrageous price of a movie. I love Paris and I hope I can go back soon!

It was nice coming home to William. I've felt guilty that he's had such a crazy life for the past few months. We've either been out of town or had guests in town for months and he's been put through the ringer and he's not done yet! He was really happy to see us and has given lots of affection. Even though it's really nice to have time with David alone, I really feel like a part of my heart is missing when I'm away from him. I love my sweet Fitzwilliam.


  1. Love your outfit! You're one sexy couple!!! Rrraaarrrhh!

  2. I love that house. It is adorable.

  3. stumbled across your blog & have been reading for awhile :)

    LOVE your dress, where did you find it??

  4. you are stunning liz. can't wait to get together, and soon!!

  5. Liz, you look simply stunning. Glad you had fun at your wedding! The bride looked beautiful!

    P.S. I miss you already! ;)

  6. Hi Maria, it's actually not a dress but a skirt and white shirt. I got the skirt from Anthropologie. :)

  7. I love your ensemble for the wedding! You look beautiful!


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