June 16, 2011

cubs, bears, pizza pie and hot dogs

We're off to Chicago and I can't wait! David's mom and sister took William to their house while we're gone. I know he is in very safe, capable hands and that he's going to have a grand, ol' time with them swimming, making homemade ice cream, watering the plants, reading books, playing with new toys, getting tons of attention and whatever fun things they have planned. Even still, I'm going to miss him like the dickens while we're gone. Then again it's going to be so wonderful to have a special vacation for David and I to a city neither of us have ever been to!
did I ever show you this picture I took in NYC? I'm pretty proud of it.
If you need me I'll be eating my heart out with all the recommendations you all gave! Holy cow there were a lot to narrow down from! Here's our itinerary. It's very detailed cause I'm nuts (and nerdy) like that. We don't have a lot of time to explore Chicago because of the whole purpose of our visit (Stephen's graduation and Margot's baby blessing) but I think we're going to be able to do the most important things to us. It's so exciting! Am I missing anything major?


  1. Have a wonderful time! I hope you love Frontera - check and see if they have chile rellenos - 7:30's a bit late, but it's worth a shot!They used to just make one batch, and when they're gone, they're gone. I don't know if they still do that....

  2. Hi! I"ve never commented before, but i've been following for a while :). I had to comment this time because we live in downtown chicago! we love frontera grill, but you also HAVE to try his new restaurant XOCO. it's right next door, it's MUCH cheaper (think 10 dollars a person/the CUBANA sandwich is my favorite). You really have to squeeze in time for a quick lunch or even a BREAKFAST!!! I always request we go there for breakfast for my birthday or any occasion. if you go for breakfast, literally EVERYTHING is amazing, especially the empanadas (3.50ish).

    and don't go to movies! there is so much more to see. walk around milenium park or something. also, i know you don't have a lot of time, but in my opinion, the absolute funnest thing i've done is take a segway tour.

    anyways, have fun! sorry the weather isn't cooperating more!

  3. so glad you took my suggestion and are going to giordano's pizza! it was delicious! :)

    while you're there, you should go up to the top of willis tower. i bet it is beautiful to see the city from above at night!

    i say skip the movies too! there is lots to do. there is a peter pan musical show in a tent somewhere around town. everyone in our hotel was talking about how amazing it was when we were checking out. we didn't go, obviously, but it's something worth looking into!

    we just walked through millenium and grant parks our last night there, so fun! and just to walk out on the navy pier and see the city from out there is a nice view. and ride the ferris wheel while you're there! :)

    have fun. i'll be in chicago in just a few weeks again to visit my new niece! too bad we won't be there at the same time and could arrange to do a blogger meet up! :)

  4. My husband and I were just in Chicago a few weeks ago and we had a blast! The city is just beautiful. The architectural boat tour was a highlight on our trip. Hope the weather is good for you guys, when we were there it was cold and rainy. Boo! Have fun and enjoy our time together.

  5. Oh good choices! I love Rick Bayless. I went to his place in LA and the food was really, really good. He really does authentic Mexican food really well.

    I went on the architecture tour on the water and it was very cool.

  6. OHH Chicago I so want to visit you one day!! Enjoy Liz and David!!

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  7. I just found your blog through mormon.org and have had a lovely time reading through it! I felt connected to you as I read some things (My sister also had cancer, you're Christian's sister- I know many know about him & Stephanie, but it was neat after reading your blog to see that there was another connection), and impressed/inspired by others (you can cook! you can decorate! your house is so cute! Oh, & I love your paintings, too! :)
    I just couldn't read it & leave it- had to leave a comment & let you know :)


  8. I wanted to go to the Bongo Room when I was visiting my sister- but there was an hour and a half wait (at least for the one in Wicker Park)! Be ware, but hope you can get in, it's supposed to be fantastic.


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