June 14, 2011

artwork in the home

Have you noticed the art work that I have in my living room? When my sister was here last week she commented that she was surprised by the artwork I had above our sofa. I was confused why she didn't find it reflective of my personality until we figured out that all the artwork she had seen me paint are landscapes and more impressionist, less abstract. That is true but I love a plethora of styles and love the mixtures they create.
"down the rabbit hole"
In my heart of hearts, I really want a Michelle Armas painting - someday I will own one - but in the meantime I painted something to satiate my appetite until I can afford it. While it's not even in the same realm of amazingness of her art I like the colors and it cost me about $5 to do both in about an hour. Then I framed them in these inexpensive IKEA silver frames.
In case you're interested, the other art pieces in this room are this painting I did a few years ago, this beautiful commissioned drawing by Tush Tush and a family portrait on canvas.

P.S. I'm  making serious progress on my chair reupholstery project (you'll be surprised to see what I went with)! The cushions are done but I'm still working on the frame. Tutorial and pictures coming soon!


  1. I really love them over your sofa. And I really love all the pictures of your home. Cannot wait to see the chair!

  2. I LOVE the paintings you drew. Your room looks great!

  3. Hello! I stumbled across your blog somehow a couple years ago. I went to college with your sis in law, Beth. Love your blog!

    I have been thinking about buying your run and wanted to know your thoughts on it -- you like?

  4. I meant to say, RUG. Not, run. Haha.


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