March 9, 2011

if my heart was a house, you'd be home (part two)

I mentioned last week that we're moving to a new house and it's been a crazy (but exciting) ride the last few weeks! About a month ago, David and I started browsing the internet for places to rent when our current lease ended in April. We weren't hard-pressed for time so we were mostly looking for fun. We came across a few places that we thought were nice but nothing really worked out. I thought I should just table the idea for a few more weeks until it came a little closer to our move-out date.

One day, during one of my Craigslist rampages, I came across a little bungalow house in one of the neighborhoods we were looking in. Built in 1956 but newly renovated and a backyard! I decided to drive by before I called the leasing agent. That afternoon I took one look and had a good feeling about it. Unfortunately, I knew that it was vacant now and our lease wasn't up until April 30th. I hesitantly decided to ask the property manager to have a look inside and when I did, I felt even more strongly that this was the one. After lots of e-mails to the extremely kind property manager we worked it out with the owner to move in mid-April! We were thrilled and anxious for April to come so we could move in.

The lease was signed and our notice to vacate our apartment was turned in. There was a small chance that our apartment could be rented out early but no one believed it would happen. On Friday I had a message from our cable company explaining that they had heard we were moving March 21st and that the new tenants were moving in April 1st! I was shocked and called our leasing office to get more information. Did our apartment rent out early? Yes! It had and we have to be out in two weeks!!!!

Do you remember my housing heartbreak from last year? Well, I'm so much happier with this choice than that one. I can't wait to show you pictures of the backyard with fruit trees, the bright windows and beautifully renovated kitchen. There's so many great things about this house! Yay! No picture with this post because I don't have any of the house yet but when I do you, you'll see why I'm so excited.


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