March 10, 2011

firsts: disneyland

I took William to Disneyland yesterday for the first time with my friend, Lela, and her boys. She has a fancy annual pass so it makes it convenient to go with someone who knows the ropes! Plus, she's really fun to hang out with. It was sad that David couldn't be there to see William's reactions but pictures are such a great way to capture the moment.
the obligiatory entrance shot. yes, William was mid-strike.
It was 80 degrees as you will be able to tell from the following pictures because of my greasiness. Enjoy!
in It's A Small World. never gets old.
We rode the carousel, something I haven't done since I was a little girl, and had a blast. William loved it (once it got going)!

see? grease-star.

With Lela's adorable boys after Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. William loved this one! I had to pry his hands off the steering wheel to exit. He also loved hanging out with the big boys. Daysen (the one holding William) kept asking when he would be old enough to baby-sit him. He was so helpful. He held my heavy diaper bag, watched William run around while I ate a snack and picked up William's bunny time after time during a few naptime meltdowns. What a sweetheart!

The teacups were funny. William was unsure at first and then he thought it was grand and clapped and yelled, "Yaaaaay!" over and over. Sometimes he is so cute I could die.
Like, here. I could die in this picture. He kills me.
All in all, it was a good day. It was hot but we walked right on to almost every ride. Disneyland really is magical and I can't wait to go back with William again!


  1. what a cutie pie he is! i love that last picture-too adorable. it looks like you guys had a marvelous time. no one is ever too old to feel the magic of disney!

  2. Oh Elizabeth, It really was the perfect day! Beautiful sunshine, no lines, and four of the sweetest boys I know! There's nothing like watching a little one experience Disney magic for the first time. Thanks for a wonderful day :-) Love you Girl!

  3. Next time I wanna go to!! So fun. I love having an annual pass. Disney is just the best. Love that pic on small world...priceless!!

  4. i too have an annual pass (i know i live in vegas - but thats how much i love disneyland) so anytime you fancy another trip, im more than happy to join, too! lbj LOVES teacups. and anything that we tell him is a car (which is everything)) haha!


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