March 3, 2011

growing up: 16 months

This is an old picture of William from a couple of months ago because I've been really bad at taking pictures of him lately. He doesn't look much different, which kind of surprises me. The biggest difference is that he grew three inches in three months, putting him at 98% for his height.
At this point:
- his words now include, "Baaah" (bye), "Mohhhh" (more), "Eeeee" (elephant), "Mmmmm" (cow), "Haaa" (hi), "Yu-oh" (uh-oh) and tons of gibberish, though he is trying his hand at more and more words every day.
- his favorite foods are cottage cheese and olives. I think he's a "salty" boy.
- he loves to climb on a chair and press the on/off button on the cable box. Then, he giggles hysterically because I grab him and put him on the ground again. It's his favorite game.
- he has mastered the art of the "back arch" when I put him in the carseat. You know what I'm talking about.
- he is very interested in music. He loves when I put him on my lap and play the piano out of the Big Yellow Song Book. He also dances to Bieber when I'm cleaning the house. It is most entertaining.
- he is not very scared of things that normal kids are. The other day our neighbor's very hyper dog jumped on him in the elevator and almost knocked him over. I thought he was going to freak out since he's not around animals very often but he just kind of looked at the dog like, "No biggie." He also has no fear of cars. A couple of weeks ago we were crossing a very busy street to go to the mall. I held onto his hands while we waited for the light to turn green and he kept loosening my grip so he could run into the street, even though there were cars racing past us at 60 miles per hour. I was freaking out but he was like, "Mom! I laugh at fear!"
- he loves bedtime. I give him his bunny, turn off the lights and he lays right down on my shoulder for a quick 20-second snuggle. Then he leaps into his crib and goes to sleep. I love that he's a good sleeper and I'm grateful that I get any snuggle time at all!

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