February 1, 2011

my romantical post

Today has been a "thinker" day. After reading this post and having a long conversation the other night with some good friends I sat down at my computer and opened up my college picture files. As I scrolled through pictures of awkward group dates, white trash BBQs in 20 degree weather, homemade Halloween costumes and huddled roommate shots at Joe's Diner I came across this picture. My first photo of David Bryant circa September 2004.
David and I met my third day at BYU-Idaho (August 2004). School hadn't even started yet and a boy I had met the day before had asked me to go to stadium singing with him on Sunday night. I wasn't interested in more than friendship with him but I agreed to go as long as I brought my lonely roommate. He decided to bring David as his wing man. As soon as I saw David, I was a goner. This tall, tan, flirtatious California guy who had such a charming smile had knocked the wind out of me. I was smitten.

A week + an awkward conversation telling this boy that I wasn't interested + David asking said friend if he could have a go with me later and David and I were joined at the hip. He tickled me in the library while we tried to study and I pretended to hate it. We drove out to the mountains and watched the stars. I was quickly falling for this wonderful guy and I knew he felt the same way.

One month later I was crying and sobbing to my roommates when David said that we needed to break up (this is starting to sound oddly familiar . . . like a Bachelor episode). On the campus' grassy lawn, he told me that he wasn't in a place in his life for a relationship. I didn't believe this reason but believed it was an excuse to date other girls. Knowing what I know now - it wasn't a line. He was right. He wasn't ready for a serious relationship. So, we went our separate ways and I did and learned a lot during that time. Even though it hurt tremendously, that time apart was a huge personal gift.
Just over a year later I came back from my Boston internship to finish up my last year of culinary school. David was there. He asked me on a date. I said yes but proceeded to dish out my most convincing "I don't forgive you" attitude. Months later I found out that he had told his friend "I'm going to marry her" after he took me home that night. For the next two months David asked me out almost weekly. I kept making excuses or just saying no. Finally, one day, my dear friend advised me to give him another shot. I did.
I can't say that the "rest is history" from here on. There was a lot of drama to sift through between this point and the day we got engaged but once that ring was on my finger, all my doubts and concerns went away.
I have a horrible memory and I don't remember a lot about the details of our wedding day. The one thing I will never in a million years forget is the feeling I had on the day of our wedding. I was eerily calm and just so blissful. I remember the feeling of "my cheeks hurt from smiling" as my sisters arranged the flowers for the reception and I arranged my bouquet. I love that I took my time getting ready by myself. It was so wonderful to be alone to think about the seriousness of what I was about to do. I did my own hair and make-up and didn't feel rushed or worried about the way I looked. I felt beautiful.
David came to pick me up at my parents' house to drive me to the wedding. It may sound crazy, even unromantic, but I love that there we were holding hands and grinning from ear to ear as we drove to our future.


  1. He's lucky he saw the light! You are a beautiful couple... and you make beautiful babies! I'm a sucker for a good 'romantical' story. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Oh I loved being in bits and pieces of that story and being able to watch some of your dating/getting married experience. Oh good good times...but increasingly better right?
    Now if only I was still in bit and pieces of your daily life now :O( Maybe someday we'll be neighbors?!

  3. Very sweet Liz. You two are perfect for each other. I'm so glad Kyle and I get to spend time with you, we are always learning new things from you and your cute family.
    Ps...how could he not marry you, you're smokin' hot! Those pictures..oh my!

  4. what a great story! thanks so much for sharing it :)

  5. Tom-ay-to, To-mah-to. You say “internship” I say “cross country pursuit of Matt Warnick that didn’t end well.” Remember when you recast these stories that some of us were there and remember what really happened!

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  7. Lizzy,

    Love you and your sweet sharing! What a treat to enjoy your life with your adorable son. My youngest "baby" is now 15--I miss those happy days together :) It is a joy to see you wisely savoring!


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