January 31, 2011

the darling young man on the slippery slide

He slides down the slide with the greatest of ease,

 A great smile breaks as he glides through the breeze.

His movements are darling, his mom he does please.

And my love he has taken away! Oh!
Sing along here.


  1. LIZ- that boy of yours is {to die for}.. I bet he can get away with anything with those eyes!!! :) What a cutie!

  2. Liz, I really feel old now, because I know that song from long ago days when I was a very little girl and my dad sang it to me. Oh William...I want to see him again in person!!!Kiss him for me. Mom

  3. Oh, is that your nanny? She's really cute, I bet she's great with Will! Just kidding!! We were all so color coordinated that day!


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