February 14, 2011

baby, you're all that I need

Getting a baby-sitter on Valentine's Day is practically impossible for us so we had a dinner party at our friend's house this weekend instead! After putting our babies to bed in the spare rooms, we celebrated with marinated tri-tip, roasted broccoli with garlic, sweet potatoes and apples, orange rolls and my chocolate cake for dessert.
We each wrote love notes to our spouses and then read them aloud as we ate dinner. I almost died laughing. It was sweet and romantic at times but mostly hilarious. I tried to read David's card aloud but couldn't stop cracking up so he had to read it for me (and he did very seriously):
Prom pose. David's tilted head is awesome.
His card said: "Baby, you rock my world and William's too. Your eyes turn me to goo. I can't put my finger on it but when you walk in the room, my heart fills with daisies like a spring field in June. While we sleep aside at night and occasionally touch, feelings of completeness cover me with love. Your talents are so numerous and beneficial to me because I reap the blessings every day. You comfort me when sad and make me super glad. You lift me to the highest heights even more than Everest's snowy peaks. You make me happier every day we spend together, every smile you send my way, every kiss hello. Thank you for being my valentine. Love, David"
Maybe that's only hilarious if you know my husband but we were all cracking up. Sometimes he surprises me and I love it.
I love my girlfriends. They rule.


  1. Awww how cute. You look beautiful.. are you sporting the beach curl as shown in your beautiful sis in laws tutorial? Your hair looks super cute.. ;)

  2. Davids head tilt is indeed awesome, but your red belt is even more awesome! cute party :)

  3. you rock my world. in more ways that one. :-)


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