January 17, 2011

shamu! shamu!

I've said it once or twice (or a hundred times) but San Diego is the best place to live. It was a beautiful, balmy 75 degrees on Saturday so we drove down the street to Sea World. I take William to Sea World pretty often but we hadn't been together as a family in months. William was NOT into the dolphin show, Blue Horizons. Too many slow dance moves and not enough action. I actually feel the same way.
if you were wondering if we keep his nose clean, here is the proof.
After we made him sit for the 25 minute show we went to the play area so he could get some energy out. It worked. He had a great time just walking around and not playing much with the other kids. Except that one poor child who fell down and William just went over and laid on top of him. That was classic. Especially because we didn't do anything about it. If no one's crying, it's all good.
Then we headed over to the Sea Lions and died over how cute they are. I want one for a pet but then I actually don't because they smell really bad. We loved the sea lions and they loved William . . . or else they just were loving those feeder tubes full of dead fish guts that William had his hands all over. Yum.
The one thing I really wanted to do was take William to see the Shamu show. Whenever we go to Sea World with friends during the week we rarely make the show, so we went early and got great seats. All my friends' children around William's age love Shamu. They beg their moms to watch killer whale YouTube videos all day and say, "Shamu! Shamu!" around the house. I was confident that William would love Shamu as well. In case you haven't seen the show, it starts with Shamu jumping high out of the water as the music meets a thunderous climax. It's very grand and shocking to see this huge black and white creature come out of a sea of blue. Well, William happened to be staring right at the place where Shamu emerged. He screamed in shock as Shamu burst out of the water and everyone around us started laughing because his expression was one of terror but also "that was so awesome". He continued to look at Shamu for a minute to decide if he liked it or not and then he wrapped his arms around my neck, buried his face in my hair and wouldn't let go. About 10 minutes into the show William was done and grabbed my hand and lead me out of the stadium. I don't know if we'll make it back there or not in the foreseeable future.
I just had to get a few shots of William on David's shoulders (his favorite place to hang out). I was laughing because he likes to hold onto David's ears like they're his reins and David is his noble steed.
Sometimes he goes in for the eye gouge and it looks like it hurts but it's mostly really funny. I love our family.


  1. I've been a lurker on your blog for quite a while but have to finally break my anonymity to tell you how stinkin cute your little boy is. I have red hair and am a sucker for red head cuties...especially chubby cheeked little boys like yours. I have a 4 month old boy who is just as cute as William :) and while I am pretty sure he's got his dad's brown hair, I keep thinking (hoping?!) I'll see some red tints in there too! Love your blog.

  2. The shamu story seriously made me laugh out loud! So funny! Glad you guys had a fun day at Sea World! I wish I lived there!

  3. He looks so much more grown up in these pics. That's funny how he hangs onto David's ears. Cute how he led you outa there :)

  4. your new blog header is TO DIE FOR!
    wish we were at seaworld!

  5. So cute...love that red hair!

    sandy toe

  6. Cute pictures! I was just talking about going there with my daughter. And you're wearing short sleeves! We're still freezing where I live.

    Love your hair. It always looks so cute!

  7. I'm a former San Diegan, and frequent visitor, so your blog has an extra special place in my heart. I love all the glimpses of the place that I love! And of course, the gorgeous family doesn't hurt, either.

    Thanks for sharing!


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