January 20, 2011

firsts: feeding himself

William is learning how to feed himself. It is a fight. He really wants his independence and I really want him to get just one bite of food in his mouth. I'm not even stressed about the food that ends up on the floor. I just want some of it to end up in his belly too! Shredded Spoonfuls, however, seemed to be a hit.
so it begins: the staredown.
not sure about this pose.

ahhh . . . forget it. this is way easier.


  1. I'm battling this same thing right now, trying to let go of the control I would like to have. Each stage is such a joy, but hard for the parent to transition, I think.

  2. Try a deeper spoon. Its slightly easier for them to get stuff into their mouth that way. My oldest daughter wanted to feed herself at a ridiculously young age, but she eventually mastered it and so will William!

  3. I love little children feeding themselves! Too sweet!
    Your son is so adorable Lizzy. That huge eyes...

    A reader from Spain.


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