January 5, 2011

growing up: 14 months

At this point he:
- dances and has us all cracking up every time he gets his groove on.
- is learning the hard way how to play with other kids (Christmas with cousin Beck was very educating).
- likes to collect things. He walks around the house holding his sippy cup in one hand and then picks up things as he discovers them (i.e. cars, empty bottles, golf balls).
- is going through a "shy stage".
- definitely has curly hair. We weren't sure if the curls were "baby" curls but after his first haircut the ringlets are growing back. Hooray!
- has reinstated cuddling with mom on a daily basis. It is my life's joy.


  1. He is seriously delicious. I don't think he could be any cuter!

  2. i love reading your blog, but i really love reading these updates! your boy is only 4 days older than mine. . .

  3. I was looking at your blog with my little girl on my lap and for some reason the face your boy is giving make my little girl want to crawl up on the desk and give him a kiss. So she did!

  4. Love, love the picture! So precious.


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