December 2, 2010

firsts: haircut

While we were in Arizona I decided it was time for William to get a haircut. I was hesitant to cut off those sweet baby curls because he would lose the "babyish" look that I love so much. At the same time I was getting really sick of trying to tame the rat's nest that was the back of his hair. So, off to Great-Uncle Don's barber shop we went. Don (my father-in-law's brother) has given David almost every haircut of his life so I thought it was only fitting that he cut our son's hair too. 
waiting his turn.
It seems like every mother has a horror story of getting their child's hair cut. Don told me that one of David's first haircuts was pretty traumatic when someone accidentally nipped his ear with the scissors, so when they brought him to Don to get his haircut David was very upset. I went into the barber shop prepared for a major melt-down. And this is what I got:
He sat perfectly still the whole time. In fact, I think he even liked the buzzer.
don't you love my antlers? totally unplanned.
Don gave William an orange sucker and he was in heaven. I was a really nice mommy and let him eat the whole thing. Taking it away would have brought the much anticipated super melt-down. The result was a very sticky shirt, sticky hands, sticky face, sticky hand prints on my jeans and orange drool for the rest of the day. A small price to pay for a really happy boy.
He does look older and more like a little boy than a baby but I'm okay with that because little boys are wonderfully sweet - especially mine.


  1. you have antlers in that second to last photo. funny and very cute!

  2. my goodness he is such a doll. I must say I absolutely adored those little curls, but what a handsome ' big boy' he is now too :) I think our first haircut will be a loooong time away, my 8 month old is just now starting to sprout some peach fuzz haha!

  3. I can only hope that my little girl is that good when we go for her first haircut!

  4. OMG he totally does look like a little boy now...those big brown eyes kill me. Lets do an arranged marriage for our little ones k. :-) p.s. so glad you had fun in looked like a blast! And love your cute white coat! you are hot stuff.

  5. cute as can be baby and pictorial!

  6. Your little boy is so adorable!!

  7. So precious and special that Great Uncle Don got to do it! What a handsome little boy! P.S. have you ever read Imogene's Antlers? It was one of my favorite books when I was a little girl and obviously your picture reminded me of it :)

  8. What a good boy!!! My own son was probably the worst, hardest child client I've ever cut! ha ha! I gave a him a "walking hair cut"... he walked down the street, throwing rocks while I tried to cut his hair. Surprisingly it turned out okay! ha ha! William looks so dang cute!!!


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